Dawn Koopman

United States, WI
Dawn Koopman is a business broker of the well-known Century 21 Properties Unlimited business brokerage company who helps people sell their business in WI and nearest regions. Hello, I have been working in real estate part-time for the last 8 years! I love helping people. I try to put myself in their shoes as to what their needs and wants are. Part time does not make you half a worker, it makes you time and a half! So, don't listen to my other competitors because that does not speak anything of the work ethic I have! It speaks of them talking. How are we to get big in this world if we are always putting down the competition or person we know nothing about! It's supposed to be about building someone up not always trying to bring someone down to make oneself better. Lets make this world a better place! Hope to talk and work for you soon!!