Henry Votel

3212 Rice Street
United States, MN, Saint Paul, 55126
Henry Votel is a Saint Paul business broker of the well-known Sunbelt - St Paul business brokerage company who helps people sell their business in Saint Paul, MN and nearest regions. Henry M. Votel is an active licensed Business Broker in Minnesota & Wisconsin. He has decades ofexperience with business brokerage and real estate transactions. His expertise in dealing with businessowners across the Upper Midwest and with buyers nationwide and from abroad makes distance noobstacle because Henry uses todays’ technology to shorten distance issues and maintain closerelationships with his clients.A stickler for details and anticipating solutions to problems may be Henry’s most redeeming value as youradvocate. Knowing exactly what is involved in selling your business requires knowledge of the “littledetails”. Pre planning and road mapping the value of a business today and properly staging it for sale isan area where Henry believes your successful sale starts to develop. “Get prepared and you’ll beprepared” is his mantra.While he has great experience with business sales, acquisitions and real estate his “high specialty” is inthe the lodging industry selling hotels and motels. Henry has over 30 years of experience handling hotel/motel sales in the Upper Midwest. If you are a hotel/motel owner he is one of the people you want toconsider when selling your lodging property.Henry has extensive knowledge with franchising & licensing agreements, refinancing requirements, turnaround possibilities and problem resolution so a successful sale can be accomplished. Your first step isalways to ask for a complimentary meeting & value opinion to develop a battle plan strategy for reachingyour goals.Henry is a Certified Main Street Business Broker (CMSBB) focusing on valuing proprietary ownedbusinesses with revenues usually under $10,000,000. The Pricing Reports he performs are focusedtowards justifiable sales pricing and transaction plans that can be supported by the market place andlender financing. These Pricing Reports help Owners implement realistic selling strategies that have areasonable chance of being accomplished either in the marketplace or by a sale between private parties.He is a licensed Broker in Minnesota and Wisconsin under Sunbelt Business Brokers. His area of serviceincludes MN, WI and IA (reciprocity via Sunbelt’s Broker Network IA). He has over 30 years experience inbusiness brokerage and business valuations, with a high specialty in hotel/motel valuations.CURRENT affiliations, memberships or accreditation in these business associations: Certified Main StreetBusiness Broker (CMSBB), Certified Hotel Broker (CHB). 1031 Tax Deferred Transactions as a memberof the Minnesota Real Estate Exchangors. Founding member of HotelBrokersNetwork.com (HBN).Member: Minnesota Association of Business Valuation Professionals (MABVP).FORMER affiliations, memberships or accreditation in these professional associations: Argus SelfStorage Brokers Network, Hotel & Motel Brokers of America (HMBA), Minneapolis Realtors BusinessBrokers Group. Founding Member North Central Chapter Institute of Business Appraisers (NCCIBA),International Business Brokers Association (IBBA), National Association of Master Ap