Bob Mendelson

United States, CT
Bob Mendelson is a business broker of the well-known Hartford Business Brokers business brokerage company who helps people sell their business in CT and nearest regions. We are "Business Broker Professionals" with offices in Farmington, New Haven, Stamford & Greenwich, CT. We just didn't sleep in a nationally known hotel last night and suddenly wake up and become business brokers; nor did we just own a business and decide that we knew everything about selling a business. We have sold thousands of businesses. Buyers have come from 40 states. We also have offices in Florida and North Carolina. Prior to starting Hartford Business Brokers in 1991, the 3 original partners performed M&A for major Fortune 100 Companies; getting tired of 70-100% travel we formed Hartford Business Brokers. Now we see our wives and watch our children grow-up. Our staff are employees with accounting credentials and years of experience. Let us interview for the engagement to sell your business. We will impress you with our in-depth knowledge and the sale process that we have in place to represent you, procure a buyer, go thru the numerous steps, then close the deal. We also perform Valuations for businesses desiring to know what their potential sale value is, partnerships buy-outs, trusts and estates. In the event a business owner has a life threatening situation or passes, we can hire a manager to temporarily fill the position to ensure business continuity; then we can complete the process to sell the business.