Ibg Business

5800 E Skelly Dr Ste 125 P.O.Box 52572, Tulsa, Ok 74152
United States, CO, 74135-6419
Ibg Business is located in CO and offers the professional services that successfully bring buyers and sellers together. IBG Business exists to bring clients “best of the best” skills and knowledge that deliver maximum value when they are ready to sell or buy a business. The firm is based on a distinctive character and shared values, defined by continuous commitment to deliver business owners the very best in M&A services. Our hands-on M&A experience with privately held middle market businesses is broad and deep. IBG Business was founded by combining the expertise, resources and best practices by industry leaders in the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) profession and owners of top M&A advisor firms from across the country. We bring owners the strengths of earned credibility and respect our founders brought into IBG at inception and have worked diligently to maintain in each relationship. Industries we have served most frequently include manufacturing, industrial, commercial distribution, business services, oil and gas, healthcare, IT, transportation, construction and food processing. Yes, that encompasses a very wide swath of the business landscape! That’s because our critical knowledge lies in knowing how to sell a business rather than a focus on narrow market segments. However, the IBG leadership team includes numerous nationally recognized transaction leaders in specific industries. IBG Business does one thing: we serve business owners in the sale and purchases of businesses. We do it with dogged determination, fighting for our clients to succeed and advancing their best opportunities. We do it confidentially, maintaining integrity, high ethics and little fanfare, while delivering superior results. And we do it with the combined knowledge and experience of industry leaders who have united to bring the very best service available to clients nationwide in one firm. Welcome to IBG Business.