Mike Cauley

United States, AZ
Mike Cauley is a business broker of the well-known Csmith14 business brokerage company who helps people sell their business in AZ and nearest regions. Mike has been involved in leading and facilitating business acquisitions and sales and mergers and acquisitions (M&A) efforts for over ten years. He has led and worked on numerous business sale, acquisition, M&A advisory and representation engagements leading to successful outcomes for both business buyers and sellers. He has immersed himself in the business acquisitions and sales and M&A marketplace, its activity and related analytics; developed numerous tools, products, processes and systems related to the business acquisitions and sales and M&A marketplace and related advisory services; performed valuation and pricing estimates; and has facilitated a number of successful transactions. In total, Mike has worked a portfolio of approximately 75 contemplated and realized business acquisitions and sales across multiple industries and sectors and he is currently working with several business buyers and sellers.