Adam Noble Group

2000 E. Lamar Blvd. Suite 600
United States, TX, Arlington, 76009
Adam Noble Group is located in TX and offers the professional services that successfully bring buyers and sellers together. We Retire MillionairesOur clients include small business owners through international celebrities. We work with sincere, motivated business owners to develop and implement an exit plan. We achieve maximum sale value by seeking the best fit between qualified buyers and sellers. We use an educational, discreet and professional approach. We have successfully coordinated our transactions with US, Canadian, Mexican and Asian Business Owners; Independent, Third Party Business Valuators; Accounting Firms; P and C Insurance Firms; Tax Planners; Financiers; Estate Planners; Escrow Services; and Attorneys. We have over 3000 qualified buyers with combined down payments exceeding $6 billion looking for businesses to buy.Background: Jeff Adam, MCBC, PE, FRC, CBB -- Principal -- 25 years business ownership, mergers & acquisition, sales, financing experience. Successfully completed two turn-arounds of $45M and $75M international companies. Started 12 companies. Trained at Procter and Gamble. International major acquisitions include 20+ transactions from $12 Million to $200 Million. Local transactions are typically in the $500,000 to $25,000,000 range. National Speaker. DIRECT LINE (817) 467-2161ASSOCIATE OFFICES:New York City, Chicago, Washington, Los Angeles, Toronto, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Seattle, San Diego, San Francisco, Denver, Tampa Bay, Phoenix, Houston, New Orleans, Oklahoma City, Salt Lake CitySpecialization:Our firm provides exceptional business brokerage and valuation services to North Texas business owners through an international network of over 450 offices.We have extensive References, Testimonials and Letters of Recommendation from our clients. Please refer to our website and sister-site